Sky Serpents Play Game

The majestic sky serpent. Such a splendorous mystery! Nobody can fathom why these aloof, graceful creatures patrol the skies into their enigmatic, serpentine way. However, what of it? What exactly does a young hotshot sky-serpent-slayer like yourself care for the peculiarities of mythological ecology? You have got a couple of swords, a swashbuckling, garishly magenta cape and cowl, and the need to show your self the aerial master of slaying these beautiful creatures. Sky Serpents, from popular developer Nitrome, casts you as a quasi-Norse hero onto a sky-borne, gravity-defying search to kill as many sky-serpents as you can to beat all documents.Play Bad Ice Cream 3

Sky Serpents Game Online

Control the little sky-Viking upstart using the [arrow] keys. Slash your sword together with the [spacebar]. Key to effective sky-serpent-slaying is latching onto vulnerable areas and other areas, using the [arrow] keys at the direction that you need to stab. That way you can hold on while your victim bucks and weaves and slithers about. You do not need to keep on holding the [arrow] key to stay latched on, and also you can detach yourself by utilizing the [arrow] keys at the contrary direction. By satisfactorily crushing every vulnerable area, you defeat your snaky quarry and continue on the next level.