Play Bad Ice Cream 3 Online Game

Maze games are really popular among the computer games. They challenge the skills of the player and also give him the opportunity to improve his decision-making skills. Among the popular maze games, one name that keeps coming to your attention is the . So far there are three editions of the game that are out in the market. Bad Ice Cream 3 is the latest and the third edition of the game.It is an excellent series of the game as it allows you to have great gaming experience along with the endless fun. It is no doubt an excellent stress reliever that can take you away from the routine stress and anxiety.

The gameplay Of Bad Ice Cream 3

The gameplay Of Bad Ice Cream 3 includes a variety of ice cream flavors to choose from. The player starts the game by choosing any of the Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Sorbet, Mint-Choc-Chip, Bubblegum, Licorice, or Smoky Bacon flavors. Then is the option of the number of the players. It can be a single player or a multiplayer game. It can be played among a maximum of four players.

The goal

The screen has a variety of fruits on it. The player has to reach them by breaking the ice blocks.  Once the player reaches the fruit, he eats it by touching the fruit on the screen.  There are several opponents at each level. The player or players are supposed to overcome them too besides grabbing the fruits. The opponents look like the monsters or the predators. They don’t leave the screen for a single moment.  In order to overcome them, it is important to create a strong stonewall in front of them. This will protect you and will keep them at an arm’s length. Later the players can break the fence causing them to die. As long as the enemy is behind the blockage it cannot be unblocked. It is essential to stay away from them otherwise they might kill you in an instant. While reaching the goal the player is faced with a number of impediments other than the evil enemies. These include broken ice pieces, fire and different types of traps. The player has to avoid them in different ways.

As the game starts the horizontal bar tells the number of fruits and foods required at a particular level. The levels are very easy in the beginning. It seems that nothing would stop you from reaching the goal. Once you cross the 25th levels the things start getting challenging. The difficulty level and the speed of the game both increase. If you have some urgent work to do while playing you can easily pause the game. Don’t worry your performance cannot be hacked.

Reasons for popularity Of Bad Ice Cream Game

The game is popular not only because of its gameplay but also because of the quality of all the elements. The player not just enjoys the gameplay but loves watching the eye-catching design, beautiful musical notes and above all the challenging levels. Once you finish the 40 levels the victory is yours. It is not a child’s play. Reaching the end requires a great deal of professionalism and intelligence. You can enjoy the full-screen game too.

If you want to challenge your proficiency at the maze games then bad ice cream 3 is a real test of your skills.